Harriet Turtle
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Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race Turtle
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Family Mr. Turtle (father)

Mrs. Turtle (mother)
Franklin Turtle (older brother)
Granny Turtle (paternal grandmother)
Grandma Jenny Turtle (maternal grandmother)
Grandfather Turtle (maternal grandfather)
Aunt Lucy Turtle (maternal aunt)
Great Aunt Harriet (maternal great aunt)
Aunt T (paternal aunt)

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Status Alive
Location Woodland

Harriet Turtle is a little sister of Franklin and a youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Turtle.


Harriet is generally seen to be happy, and very much, enjoys the company of older brother, Franklin, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle, and friend, Beatrice. She is very playful, and likes to have fun a lot, something that Franklin, more-or-less, could take advantage of. She looks up to Franklin a lot, and commonly tries to do, or understand what he does, and sometimes finds it hard to realize when she is poking at her elder brother's nerves, though it has never been anything too serious. She can be very guilty of actions that have majorly upset other, and will usually ask for forgiveness (e.g., in the T.V. series, the Turtle family were by a lake, and Harriet accidentally knocked over Franklin's fish bowl, which contained his pet fish, Goldie, who had fell into the lake, and tried to say she was sorry multiple times, and offered to help look for Goldie by the lake, but it took about 3 days for Franklin to fully forgive her).

Since harriet is young, she acts like the usual baby/toddler-type character in portrayal, but can show hues of more mature personality traits sometimes. After her birth, she is shown to be walking, and brandishes a developing vocabulary that consists of basic words, and 2-3- word phrases, of which one of the words is her older brother's misspoken name. She can be quite reliant on her brother, but also enjoys a modest-for-age amount of independance, and isn't afraid to express in the best manner she can, when she feels like she is being restrained.