Vital statistics
Title Goose
Gender Female
Race Canada Goose
Age (((age)))
Voice (((voice)))
Family Mr. Goose (father)

Mrs. Goose (mother)
Goose's little brother (brother)
Granny Goose (paternal grandmother)
Grandpa Goose (maternal grandfather)
Goose's Aunt (maternal aunt)
Goose's Uncle (maternal uncle)
Giselle (maternal cousin)

First book appearance (((first book appearance)))
First cartoon appearance (((first cartoon appearanace)))
Superhero Ego (((superhero ego)))
Superhero Parody (((superhero parody)))
Status Alive
Location Woodland

Goose is a friend of Franklin, and is a Canada goose. Se is one of the few residents in Woodland to have parents that are not siblings and have different families (like Franklin, Bear, Beaver and Rabbit.) But unlike Franklin and like the others, she has only the grandmother on her father's side. And her grandmother on her mother's side is dead and only her grandfather on her mother's side is still alive. Her family was shown in Franklin Migrates.

Goose and Otter

Goose & Otter. Taken from "Hurry up Franklin".

Best band in history

Goose, Otter, Raccoon & Skunk playing instruments. Taken from the game "Franklin The Turtle: Goes to School"


Head shot of Goose. Taken from "Franklin Migrates"


Full Body Shot of Goose. Taken from "Franklin and the Broken Globe".