Franklin Turtle
Vital statistics
Title Franklin Turtle
Gender Male
Race Turtle
Age (((age)))
Voice (((voice)))
Family Mr. Turtle (father)
Mrs. Turtle (mother)
Harriet (sister)
Granny Turtle (paternal grandmother)
Grandma Jenny Turtle (maternal grandmother)
Grandfather Turtle (maternal grandfather)
Aunt Lucy (maternal aunt)
Aunt Kay
Uncle Card (maternal uncle)
Franklin's Cousin (maternal cousin)
Great Aunt Harriet (maternal great aunt)
Aunt T (paternal aunt)
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First cartoon appearance (((first cartoon appearanace)))
Superhero Ego (((superhero ego)))
Superhero Parody (((superhero parody)))
Status Alive
Location Woodland

Franklin Turtle is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Turtle and big brother of Harriet Turtle. Unlike his other friends, he is not named for the animal that he represents, although it is used in his surname. And he is the one of the few in Woodland to have parents who are not siblings but of different families (along with Bear, Beaver, Goose and Rabbit) while most have sibling parents.


Franklin is shown to be a kind and caring person, But sometimes can be a little forgetful and somewhat accident prone and sulky. But shows his deep caring for usually his friends. Franklin for example, the place he lives, is shown to be in the countryside forest areas in North America, like the eastern United States or Canada.